Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) Recycling Initiative

Overall Project Goal:
To expand the recycling options in the University of Texas at Austin. It will be the goal of this initiative to first establish a well known electronic waste recycling program inside the University. This program will ultimately be incorporated into the daily waste flows of the University, in hopes to decrease the amount of waste generated by students. It is the ultimate hope of this initiative that all programs created will ultimately be incorporated into the University and can run with autonomy.
Structure of the Initiative:
  • Call every Wednesday the front desk of the eight locations where we have set up the recycling bins.
  • Collect those recyclables and recycle with list of local recyclers.
  • Establish pattern and link producers, consumers, and recyclers together in a long lasting partnership.
  • Start a new program based on recycling needs of the community.


Local List of Electronic Recyclers in the Austin Area:

Name Service Extra Perks Contact
ERT (Electronic Recycling and Trading) Computer hardware, monitors, batteries, servers, circuit boards, phones, electronics… Collection and Transportation. Certification of recycle.
Phone: (512) 927-2312
Axcess Technologies Buy- computers, memory, circuits, equipment, telephones, wires, mainframes.
Recycle- many different components
Buying electronics, and recycling events.
Call for more information- 1-800-468-8690 
8606 Wall Street Building 14
Suite 300
Austin, Texas, 78754
Dell Recconect All computer components and related computer products. Goodwill  Phone: (512) 451-2306
IMAGE microsystems Computer plastics and electronics Flexible and reuse computer plastics  Jim Rollins
Phone: (512) 751-8442
Round 2 Recycle all electronics Customizable solutions and 100% guaranteed recycling  Web:
Phone: (512) 342-8855
Trails End Recycling No: TVs, printers, fax, A/Cs, appliances, LCD Give money for other recyclables  Phone: (512) 646-2222

For more local recyclers please refer to this website:



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