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SEAC believes any form of oppression, institutional or individual, creates divisions between us, restricts our creativity, and limits our ability to collaborate effectively. As a result, open-mindedness and mutual respect are core principles.

Hierarchy, although not inherently oppressive, can still stifle freedom of expression, and necessary change if not used appropriately. Hierarchy can also alienate members of the group, by bogging down the flow of communication. In the business world, this is equivalent to CEOs making decisions that directly contradict the interests of its workers.

SEAC is made up of diverse individuals with varying interests, and cannot be represented by a few people with a few issues. SEAC wants this diversity to be present in how it represented. For this reason, SEAC believes in as little hierarchy as possible. This places more responsibility on individuals to be pro-active, and to do the things they want, and not because they are told to.

To familiarize yourself with SEAC and what it stands for, please consider reading our history and our issues.

To get involved, register to join the online SEAC community.

If you can also join our national contact list, as a chapter, or as an individual, so that we can organized for future events.


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