Current Projects

Here are some of the projects SEAC is actively supporting or have members participating in:

National Black Law Students Association’s (NBLSA) Environmental Justice Campaign

NBLSA: “Our national initiative for National Lobby Day this year is Environmental Justice. With at least 1.8 million African Americans being affected by hazardous waste facilities, negligence to clean air and water policies, and exposure to toxins, we will focus our efforts in supporting other national organizations and agencies in eliminating this disparate impact. There has been a concerted effort to eliminate health and socioeconomic risks that are related to Environmental Justice problems. NBLSA will joint these efforts to achieve better living conditions across the board. Each region will be targeting environmental justice issues that will highlight some of the issues for that area.”

Build It Up, West Virginia

Build-It-Up! West Virginia is a leadership development program for West Virginia youth. Together we will join in to build infrastructure and expand the capacity of long-term community-run sustainable economic projects in Southern West Virginia to develop meaningful economic opportunities that open doors, come from within, and combat oppression.

The crucial political significance of these projects is to transition communities that are heavily economically dependent on and impacted by fossil fuels to local & healthy economies. Our long-term goal is to bolster the knowledge and skills of our participants, empowering them to build up their own communities.


Engineers For A Sustainable World Recycling Initiative

To expand the recycling options in the University of Texas at Austin. It will be the goal of this initiative to first establish a well known electronic waste recycling program inside the University. This program will ultimately be incorporated into the daily waste flows of the University, in hopes to decrease the amount of waste generated by students. It is the ultimate hope of this initiative that all programs created will ultimately be incorporated into the University and can run with autonomy.


Keeper of the Mountains Foundation

The Keeper of the Mountains Foundation aims to educate and inspire people to work for healthier, more sustainable mountain communities and an end to mountaintop removal. We believe a better future in the coalfields requires everyday people to come together and recognize their power to make long-term, lasting change. We envision an organization, led by West Virginians, with real power in West Virginia. We support communities that want to move beyond a coal-based economy and put in its place an economy that values people, land, and mountain heritage.

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