SEAC’s principles are very important to how we communicate with one another, and consequently how effective we are in meeting our goals.

We believe individuals who want to change the world they live in, can do so efficiently, and more importantly, creatively, if they work within groups that have supportive infrastructures, and value human collaboration, and imagination. This means making sure everyone feels they have a voice, that there is a healthy balance of power, and that arguments and disagreements are handled with empathy, consideration, and understanding.

Having good internal practices, allows the group to be more productive in accomplishing their goals. SEAC understands our environment to encompass more than just “trees and water”, but the everyday conditions we live in. These conditions are the result of social and political influences, where oppressive forms of discrimination have been institutionalized. The collective liberation of all people then becomes a common goal. We believe we can best achieve this by adopting the following principles:

1. Fight environmental degradation.
2. Recognize the impact of the environment on human individuals and communities.
3. Support human rights.
4. Support animal rights.
5. Demand corporate responsibility.
6. Fight class inequalities.
7. Fight racism.
8. Fight sexism.
9. Fight homophobia and heterosexism.
10. Fight imperialism and militarism.
11. Have a diverse membership.
12. Develop an activist rather than a volunteer approach.
13. Link our issues to local, community concerns.


Collective Liberation

SEAC adopts an overarching goal for Collective Liberation as an objective because it something we all have an interest in. In order to achieve collective liberation, the current forms of oppression must be identified, and addressed appropriately.



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